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THR!VE Bronze Course Selection
Individual "Coffee Shop" Mentorship & Social Media Connection*

Daughter's Social Media Connections
Please list any and all ways you permit THR!VE staff to connect with your daughter for the purpose of mentorship: cell phone number, email address, Facebook account, etc.
"Sit Awhile With Me" Group Contemplations: Growing Up With Grace & Gratitude*

"Who I Am" Personal Strategic Planning: What Learning, Living & THR!VING Is All About*

Nature's Peace: The Woods & Their Wisdom*

Public Speaking & The Written Word: Back to the Basics of Strong Communication*

Special Interest Trip Series (choose 3 of 4)
Creative Genius: Visual Art & Music

World Cuisine Dining

Beyond Biology: The Astounding Sciences of Life

Beachcomber's Paradise

Community Service Trip Series (choose 2 of 3)
Remembrance & Respect: The War Veterans of Camp Hill

Giving Hope Today: The Community Service Impact of The Salvation Army

Physical & Mental Health: Supporting Those Who Suffer

Health, Hobbies & Happiness Series (choose 2 of 3)
Story Worlds: The Enchanted Lands of Literature

Exercise & Nutrition: A Fresh Perspective

Planet Earth: Its People & Places

THR!VE Bronze Graduation Gala & Reception*

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Payment & Permissions
I will provide a deposit of $750 by/before August 31 (including a minimum of $250 with this registration to secure my daughter's spot), followed by 10 monthly payments of $275 - on the 1st of each month - from September 2017 through June 2018. I intend to provide payments in the following manner:*
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