cPanel Solo™ is the latest product in our line of web hosting automation software. It is a single user server license that provides the same power and resources as cPanel & WHM® but at a lower cost. Limited to a single user account, cPanel Solo is ideal for small businesses, application developers, web designers, and anyone who needs just one hosting account.
cPanel Solo - More Affordable.

More Affordable & Flexible

cPanel Solo offers the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility and affordability. The license is for use on either a VPS or dedicated server, and can therefore save you anywhere between $60-$360 annually.*

A Simplified License for a Single User


cPanel Solo has the same rich feature set through which you can manage email, files, databases and DNS, control spam, and more, all included with a single login.

Streamlined Interfaces

Streamlined Interfaces

The interfaces are simpler and slimmed down so you can focus on what’s most important. When you’re ready for more, easily upgrade to a license that better suits your business needs.

We’ve been around for more than 20 years - there’s a reason why cPanel & WHM is the Hosting Platform of Choice. Our ecosystem spans thousands of hosting providers and millions of domains around the world. We empower the industry, and with cPanel Solo, you’ll be empowered too.

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