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Highlights of 2017

At our December networking event we shared a presentation about 2017 that:
● Recognized 18 new businesses
● Recognized 12 businesses that have been in the area for over 30 years
● Announced the winner of the Community Spirit Award
● Thanked our partners
● Celebrated our successes of 2017
● Gave a peek of what to expect in 2018

You can view the Presentation HERE

Making the Suburbs Cool Again!

The Village on Main recently partnered with the great creative team at PLANifax to create a video about our transformation and how we are using our Age Friendly Community Plan as a guide for the future. To build a community that will be home to people of all ages. The video is also in line with the Mainstreets Campaign recently launched by Our HRM Alliance.

Click on the image below to view the Video! We hope you enjoy it!

Monthly Morning Networking
Join the Village on Main on the third Wednesday morning (8:30 am – 9:30 am) of every month for morning networking at various locations throughout The Village on Main. This is a great opportunity to get to know some of the business owners who have decided to make The Village on Main their home. Enjoy complimentary Tim Horton’s coffee, good conversation, door prizes and more! You don’t have to be a member to attend. Everyone is Welcome. Here are a few photos taken at January’s networking held at the office of Jim Knox. Thank you for hosting.
February’s Networking will be Wednesday, February 21 at Simplycast, located at 73 Tacoma Drive, 4th Floor.

Winter Operations
Now that winter is upon us, here are a few reminders regarding Winter Operations.
Main Street/Tacoma Drive Service Standards – Main Street and Tacoma Drive are both Priority One streets and the snow clearing service standard is 12 hours after the weather event has ended. Side streets have a Priority Two service standard of 24 hours. If you have a concern regarding snow removal, please contact 311
Sidewalk Service Standards - Priority 1 sidewalks include those along main arterials including Main Street and Tacoma Drive. The goal is to clear these sidewalks within 12 hours of the end of a weather event.

Sandwich Boards - The city has advised us that they will be enforcing by-laws regarding sandwich boards and it is very possible that your board could be removed or risk being damaged by equipment.
Private property snow removal - It is against By-Law S-300 to throw or pile snow in the street or on the sidewalk.
Winter Parking Ban - The winter parking ban is in effect and will continue until March 31, 2018. It will be enforced only during declared snow and ice events with clearing operations between 1 am to 6 am. 

For more information regarding HRM's Winter Operations for 2018, please visit HRM’s Web Site

Former Chebucto Ford Dealership
We have all been watching this property in the last few years as it was vacated, demolished, cleaned and now for sale.  We don’t know who will buy the property or what they will build but we do know it is approved for (C-2) development according to the new rules of the Main Street Designation. To find out about the new rules for this property or any others in The Village on Main see our interactive map HERE

Entrepreneurship at NSCC Akerley

Entrepreneurship@NSCC is opening a space up in the Learning Commons. This entrepreneurship space will be used to help students find resources on becoming an entrepreneur, hearing and learning from small business owners and their experiences and to learn more about working for a small business in Nova Scotia.
The role of the business owner at this open house would be to meet some students who may fill a gap in their business and mingle and informally share with students information on becoming an entrepreneur. Guest speakers will talk about their experiences creating their own business and there will be free cake!  Join the Open House at 12:30 to 2:30 on February 6th.

If you would like aditional ifnformation on how you can particiapate contact the Testing Centre - Akerley at 902-491-4966

Did you know Village on Main has Educational Institutions of all levels?
Here is our latest feature on the Village on Main in the United Neighbours of Dartmouth Magazine. This is the fifth in the series and is written by Village on Main Board Member Michelle Langille................

Take Time Out for A Learning Moment!
Have you ever heard of a community with a vision statement?  The Village on Main (Tacoma-Main-Lakecrest) has a community improvement association with the following vision for its community: “An inclusive and sustainable community where spaces and neighbors are welcoming and connected”. “How on earth can a community make this happen?” you may ask. For starters, The Village on Main has a Steering Committee made up of government, business, non-profit, health sectors and community members to drive forward it’s Age-Friendly Community Plan.  For the Village on Main, “Age-Friendly” means welcoming people of all ages and abilities. This multi-faceted community is resource rich and in times of change and transformation is proving it knows how to tap into and capitalize on some of those resources. Last month, we highlighted how the Village on Main one kilometer corridor houses five churches. An examination of the area’s educational facilities and institutions highlights some of the learning taking place in the Village.  
Within a kilometer, Admiral Westphal Elementary, Bridgeway Academy, Caledonia Junior High, Prince Andrew High School along with the Nova Scotia Community College Akerley Campus bring youth of all ages to this neighborhood causing all of us to consider how best to embrace and support the youth and young adults who walk the halls, work the classrooms and learn skills to create a productive life for themselves and contribute in meaningful ways. Did you know that in many ways these schools are partnering and giving back to the community?  For example the elementary school reaches out to local businesses, the junior high partners with the Kiwanis, the high school is working with the Dartmouth Performing Arts society to share their auditorium, and the culinary arts program at the college has a “Classroom in Action” where the public can go for lunch and dinner during the school year!  
But that’s not all! Beyond the regular academic school system, the Village also brings the programs of the Black Educators Association, tutoring of Sylvan Learning, upgrading of Dartmouth Learning Network and safety training from DLC within walking distance. Yet another surprise housed in this small suburban community; four driving schools. Can you imagine how many sixteen plus year olds have managed to grace the classrooms of Ha’s Driving School, Scotia Driving School, Young Drivers of Canada, all long time members of the Village on Main, or the nearby Dartmouth Driving School! This small community has produced a lot of drivers over the decades!
So often as we move into a different stage of our life, we actually forget what is sitting in our own neighborhood just waiting to be accessed and tapped into.  As a community, there are so many ways for seniors and youth to partner, engage and support our educational institutions and value daily intergenerational lifelong learning.  That’s where an Age Friendly Community Plan comes in; it reinforces what we have and sparks ideas for community building in a way that includes every one of all ages and abilities.

Accessibility Grant – The Small Business
ACCESS-Ability Program

About one in five Nova Scotians identifies as a person with a disability. The Nova Scotia Government is now offering a $1 million-dollar fund to support business owners who want to improve accessibility to their businesses.
Funding is available for the following categories:  Built Environment,  Accessible Communication Services, Assistive Devices, Universal Design Capacity Building,  Accessible Transportation For information or to apply for funding please visit the Government of Nova Scotia's web site.

Upcoming - The Village on Main Networking Event
Join us for our Next Networking...on Wednesday February 21st from 8:30am to 9:30am at SimplyCast, located at 73 Tacoma Drive, 4th Floor. Keep an eye on our Facebook & Twitter for any updates! You don’t need to be a member to participate. 
Please check out our website for updates on development, progress on projects in the village, upcoming
events, our member directory, webcam and more! www.villageonmain.ca

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