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The New
PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer

The new PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer is a patented, full swing training aid that immediately helps the golfer feel the effect of maintaining the spine angle and keeping the head behind the ball through impact.

The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer enables any golfer to gain the repetitions for her/his swing anytime, anyplace, indoors or outdoors, with or without a club and with or without hitting balls.

The PRO-HEAD TRAINER helps the golfer develop the feeling for that steady head and spine angle to transfer that feeling to the course. The golfer gets instant feedback on ANY unwanted and faulty head movement

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"Taking Off"
Golf Platform

Dad can practice all aspects of his game with this excellent golf training product developed by Paradigm Shift-Life Coach Gravis Leak.  

The "Taking Off" Golf Platform is designed to provide golfers with a visual picture of the golf ball taking off (similar to an airplane), after being hit with a driver or iron.  This golf platform will greatly enhance/improve beginner's golf or advanced player golf game. 

The platform is patented and approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and all orders come with a Measuring Rod and Instruction and an online video is also available.

Learn more at ParadigmShiftLifeCoachingGDL.com

Cool Haggar Golf Pants Ups Comford & Quality, On & Off Course

Haggar Clothing Co. is upgrading its #1 golf pant in America with the new Cool 18 Pro. Cool 18 Pro pants move from the office to the green to after hours with ease with its lightweight, performance fabric. The waistline shirt gripper strip ensures no one looks “undone,” even with moving throughout the day.

The pants have all the features needed to provides for full range of motion and keeps guys cool and looking great at an attractive price point!

Four-way stretch built into the yarn to ensure full deployment and recovery.  Soil release and UPF protection.   Hidden expandable waistband that can deliver up to three inches of extra room.  Easy care, wash and wear, no iron needed. Pleated and flat front styles with classic, straight and slim fit options.  

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Shoe Tips

The ShoeTips reminders can’t be missed when you view down to see your ball, because they are in full view on top of your shoelaces!  

Some golfers even prefer to use the ShoeTips on their golf equipment, such as on their golf bag, instead of on their shoelaces. Either way, each time you select a club, or strike a ball, the ShoeTips, help you to clearly focus and concentrate on your thoughts, helping you to be ready for making a good shot.

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Royal & Awesome Clothing

Help Dad kick it up a notch with shorts from the Royal and Awesome clothing line.  The designers draw on the ancient links of golf’s forefathers, with patterns and colors honoring those who played the game decades ago, like Old Tom Morris who was knocking his feathery leather balls around the course way before titanium hybrids were invented.

The line accentuates the wearer with a very spectacular visual imprint that will guarantee excitement while helping you to make an impact on the course—and in the bar.

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Ezra Arthur

Ezra Arthur is as its tagline states, “Designed For Life.” The Arizona-based company is family owned by four brothers who believe in creating quality handcrafted items that are beautiful and unique. The company’s name, Ezra Arthur, was selected by the brothers to honor their grandfather, and today, the company is known worldwide for crafting significant lifestyle accessories.

In producing its products, Ezra Arthur combines modern engineering with century-old practices, creating items that look as great as they last. Items are available in several wonderful colors and many are available for monogramming. Made with Horween Leather; with 100-year-old formulas and an old world style of craftsmanship, Horween has been making the finest leathers for over a century. Horween’s Chromexcel full grain leather is durable, yet smooth and supple, allowing a lifetime of use. Horween Chromexcel leather ages beautifully over time as a rich darkening patine will develop. This leather is enriched with waxes and oils providing scratch resistant properties. Should you scratch the leather, rub with your fingers and the scratch will blend away. Occasionally buff with a horsehair brush to polish residual wax and brush away dirt. Available for monogram.
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Urban Canairie
Urban Canairie is a revolutionary hat that does triple-duty in keeping you cool, comfortable and protected.  The name Urban Canairie - Urban reflects the increasing trend of people living in cities, while Canairie is an acronym for Canadian, Airy and Irie (which has Jamaican origins meaning happy and content).

These sun hats secret is a thin mesh that goes completely around the cap, aiding in air circulation and coolness for the wearer. The caps are made by skilled craftsmen and women, working with their hands and sewing with fabrics and materials supplied by an American company.  Strong outside stitching and a fully finished inside gives the cap its sophisticated look and feel.
The cap is much cooler to wear than a baseball cap, that traps air inside of the cap, often bring on overheating for the wearer.  Urban Canairie caps also provide protection from the sun and even better, it doesn’t give you “hat head”.

These caps are made from 65% recycled plastic bottles and 35% certified organic cotton.  Available in two colors: Wintery White and Arctic Stone
Patented design, made in North America.

Learn more at UrbanCanairie.com

Swing Coach Club
The “Load, Launch and Learn” sequence of the Swing Coach’s patented technology is the premise behind this exciting training aid.  Golfers can feel the proper swing with each use while the Swing Coach Club clearly identifies your errors.   Use it to train all parts of your swing:  Backswing, transition to impact and follow through.  

The Swing Coach Club gives you the proper sequence of motions required for a perfect swing.  It’s like having a personal swing coach in your golf bag.  The aid is also endorsed by Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor Dean Reinmuth.

This is the only product on the market that helps golfers learn to build their own correct, natural swing by themselves, shaving strokes off their scores.  With only 15-30 minutes of practice with the Swing Coach Club, players of all skill levels are able to improve their swing and develop the muscle memory needed to make their best swings consistently.    Swing Coach Club includes One Dozen Sci-Core Practice Golf Balls and it comes with a user guarantee. 
Learn more at SwingCoachClub.com

Antigua Contemporary Fan Apparel
Dad will be cool and comfortable in the Antigua Contemporary fan apparel.   On the golf course or just hanging out for casual activities, this is a shirt he will always love to wear.

Made of 95% polyester/5% spandex this Desert DryTM moisture wicking jersey knit polo will keep dad looking confident all day long.  A gradient sublimation print brings it all together at front, back, & sleeves.  

A self-fabric collar, 3 button placket and open cuff complete the look and a 3D silver reflective Antigua logo.  (Style # 101284)

Learn more at Antigua.com

Outdoor activities are great until you realize it's been several hours and your head is hot and sweaty!  Wherever your sporting activities take you, Coolheads Sunwear Apparel is the perfect companion. And 100% cool!

Made with 100% ultra-soft absorbent terry cloth, the CooLHeaD collection keeps you feeling cool­—and looking cool!  Perfect for being out on the basketball court, out on the field or on the track or fishing pier, The head accessory is fitted with a unique inner band system that gives you a comfortable fit along with total sun protection from the sun’s harmful SUV rays.  Wearing CooLHeadS will keep you cool and protected all day long!

Learn more at CooLHeadS.com

Tin Cup Ball Markers

Tin Cup Ball Markers have released their new Tour Series and the line is attracting lots of attention. The stencil-like device helps golfers make their ‘mark’ on any golf ball so that identification on the golf course is easy as pie.

There are dozens of stock designs to choose from and for organizations, groups, clubs and others customization is readily available.  For golfers who are familiar with marking your balls before a round, you already know the mishaps that can happen with even the slightest slip of a sharpie pen.  Tin Cup ball markers make it effortless to place your perfect mark each time on the ball, making it easy to spot your ball for others, and helping you focus more on your golf rounds.

You can use any color sharpie or marker that you like, and get as creative as you wish with customization.The Tin Cup ball marker works very simply. The unit is 100% stainless steel and made in the USA.

Learn more at Tin-cup.com

Tough Tested
Rugged Solar Battery Pack

This is not your usual battery pack. The ToughTested product has undergone extreme testing through all sorts of conditions to make certain that it will perform in almost any situation. The battery pack is truly rugged. During testing, it has been thrown from a building and run over twice by an 18-wheeler. The extensive stress that the unit has endured assures you that it will function in all outdoor environments.

Dual USB ports allow for charging of 2 devices at once and InstaSense™ technology makes sure each device gets the power that it needs. Carabineer clip and the lightweight compact form factor makes this battery pack easy to clip to your backpack or belt. The efficient 200mAh solar panel means that you’ll always have access to emergency charging power. Powers tablets, GPS, smartphones, portable game systems, action cameras, dash cams and most USB devices. Includes Micro USB charging cable and car charger.

In line with clean energy, the ToughtTested Rugged Solar Dual USB Battery packs a powerful 10,000 mAh and15,000 mAh. ga, for on the go power with 15,000 milliamp capacity that can provide up to 10 full charges for the average smartphone. 

Learn more at ToughTested.com

Usquaebach Scotch Whiskey

Usquaebach – The Grand Whisky of the Highlands is perfect for any occasion.  The line is refined and sophisticated and offers a wide variety of scotch selections for newbies and connoisseurs alike.  The blend dating back to the 1700s and was trademarked in 1877.

Curious about the name and its meaning? Well,  the name of the brand comes from the Gaelic word for “water of life” – from where we get our word for “whisky” in English!   The 15-year old Blended Malt presents a lovely, honey, sweet aroma.  When exposed to the air, it is reminiscent of light drippings of buttery honey with a hint of darkened vanilla.

The Taste:  A crisp, burnt caramel is distinctive at first sip. Spices consisting of clove, ground black peppe, and vibrant coriander can be detected and the liquid goes down very smoothly.

Usquaebach is a historic brand that brings to life the ancient traditions and historic craft of the Scottish highlands.  It is the brand’s dedication to the past that is sure to make this a staple scotch in your significant other’s classic collection.

Learn more at Usquaebach.com

The Ninety Degree Cigar Holder
Now you can keep your cigar handy and clean with The NINETY DEGREE cigar holder.   Any golfer knows what a distraction it can be trying to find a place to lay down, or stand up, your cigar during your rounds.  And, any cigar connoisseur knows that tobacco leaves are delicate ...so why would you just lay your cigar down anywhere, or clip, or force your cigar into a gadget that will eventually puncture it.  A sturdy and compact device, the magnetic design of the NINETY DEGREE is not limited to just a golf cart.
You can use it on your deck, boat, while tailgating, or anywhere you may want your cigar held.  All you need is a metal surface.  It’s that simple  Thanks to the vertical design of the NINETY DEGREE, your cigar will always rest away from the mounted surface assisting in a consistent slow and even burn.  That's why the NINETY DEGREE is the best thing that happened to cigars.  Made entirely in the U.S.A.  MSRP: $12.97 (available in red or black color)

Learn more at TheNinethDegree.com

The Dromida Personal Monster Truck

Does Dad like to go fast on and off the road? The 1/18 th Brushless four-wheel drive MT4.18 monster truck will be the perfect gift for Dad this holiday season. The MT4.18 capabilities are designed for unstoppable off-road actions, along with being easy to drive and fully adjustable.

(MSRP: $99.99):

-100% Ready-to-Run


-4-Wheel drive, more confident control

-Torque 370 brushed motor, up to 30MPH speeds reached

-Big front/rear bumpers for added protection

Learn More at Dromida.com

The Stinger 3-in-1 Insect Zapper

Keep the good times rolling outdoors this summer withThe Stinger® 3-in-1 Insect Zapper.  This sleek and well-constructed unit is perfect way for keeping pests like mosquitos away.  

This Insect Zapper is ideal for covering small patios to entire backyards, providing coverage using black UV light technology to kill up to 40% more mosquitoes and flying insects!

The scientifically tested and proven Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System is made to attract insects and mosquitos and it can help capture flying mosquitoes and other annoying insects throughout the warmer months.

Stinger 3-in-1 Insect Zapper is durable and easy to handle.  It's made from durable, weather-proof plastic and it's modern designe was made for the outdoors.  The unit is also equipped with a sundown sensor option making it energy efficient to operate, so that means that it will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.  Keeping you and your guests protected without any fuss of remembering to turn it on/off.

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The Stinger® 3-in-1 Insect Zapper

Dreamwave Harmony Speaker 

Music lovers will thoroughly enjoy listening to their favorite tunes on the Dreamwave Harmony Speaker. This Bluetooth unit is designed with professional craftsmanship and perfect for the audiophile.   This is not your grandmother’s speaker! But it is a premium Hi-Fi performance speaker that is as beautiful as it is powerful. 

Sleek and elegantly designed each audible sound comes across perfectly just as your favorite artist had wished-for. The Dreamwave Harmony Speaker won’t let you down either because it has a powerful 16W output and 4,500mAh lithium polymer battery that helps the unit to play louder and longer, as compared to competing units in the marketplace.

Learn more at DreamWaveUS.com

African American Golfer's Digest

Give Dad a gift that will continue to arrive all year long!  Provide him with a gift subscription to the African American Golfer's Digest and he'll stay informed on the latest golf news, events and activities happing nationwide.  No matter when you order, we'll put his first issue in the mail right away along with a special note mentioning your Father's Day gift! 

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